Adulting Tips: How to cope with living on your own for the first time

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CREDIT: Paula Moreno Caracena

Dear New Students – do not panic. 

Coming to university for the first time can be an intense experience. Many people find themselves overwhelmed by all the newness, the information overload, and the new responsibilities that come with your studies and being away from home, and possibly managing a job too. 

Don’t worry, it’s okay to take a minute or two to process everything. We want to offer some tips that may be useful for students who are struggling a little – or a lot – with juggling all these new experiences and obligations!

Prioritise Your Mental Health

No assignment or class should ever be more important than your well-being. Make sure you are getting the support you need in times of stress, allow yourself to feel overwhelmed and ask for help when needed. 

It is extremely important to maintain healthy habits that will get you through crisis or anxiety. Make sure to check in with the University’s Support Services and always put your health first. Keeping a healthy mind will help you enjoy your studies more and all the experiences that come along with Uni!

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Organise! Get a Routine CREDIT:

Buy yourself a calendar, some pretty markers, post-its, a diary, whatever it is that will motivate you to be organised, and make sure you’re taking advantage of your time.

It is extremely important to gain some time management skills at university, as you will be dealing with many different deadlines, projects, and classes that will take up most of your time. 

An extra little tip: Make yourself some tea or coffee on Sunday afternoon, get in your comfy clothes and sit down at your desk to prepare your week! Write down everything you need to get done and it will be easier to remember, and a good reminder for when your brain gets cluttered. A routine with healthy patterns will help keep you sane.

Take Care of Yourself

Moisturise, exercise, wash your face before bed, light a candle in your room, do some yoga!

Taking care of yourself is extremely important as it will help you stay calm. Eating healthy and doing some exercise is crucial not only for your physical wellbeing but also for your mental health. Activities like Pilates, yoga, or meditation have proven to be extremely beneficial. It can be done in the morning for 15 minutes before you start your day or whenever you have the time. Remember, to drink loads of water!

Create a Healthy Workspace

Having a clean and organised desk is key to a student’s success. Find a suitable place in your home or in your university accommodation and make it your workspace. You can decorate it, organise it, make it your own corner to develop all your creativity and get the best out of your studying time.

CREDIT: Paula Moreno Caracena

Controlling Your Expenses

Dealing with money can be both stressful and difficult. As a new student, you will have to deal with new expenses such as rent, bills and grocery shopping. Keeping a monthly expense spreadsheet can really help to keep an eye on how you’re spending your budget.

You will find yourself surrounded by bookshops, cute little cafes, art exhibitions, music gigs and clothing stores and it’s quite easy to get carried away. Make sure you’re handling your money responsibly so you can make the month without any stress towards the end!

Leave Some Time for the Fun Stuff

Socialise, try new things, get out there! University is not only about your studies, but also about the connections, friendships, and activities!

Leave some time during your week to go out, see your friends, do the things you love the most or visit your family. This is a great life experience that you won’t ever live again so make it worth it!

From The Leopard, we hope all new students – and maybe even a couple older ones – find these tips helpful and are keeping safe and well. Make sure to enjoy your time at Goldsmiths even although we are seeing each other through the screen. There is always somewhere to go, someone to talk to or something to do.