EGGSLUT– are these eggs, actually, slutty, though? An honest review

It has been a whirlwind of a year so far, and brunching has slowly dwindled from an eager gather in the park with a few friends, to very slowly just some eggs with extra warm baked beans with your family every other Sunday, maybe. 

Now that university in full blast, it may be worth breaking out of your ‘new normal’ and venturing west for some proper brunch! At least, that’s how I decided to celebrate returning to university this year…so I headed over to Eggslut. 

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Boasting sexy and juicy egg sandwiches, Eggslut really looks the way it sounds– just a little bit slutty. 

The menu at Egglsut famously features egg-everything! Even their website says: “It’s inspired by a true love for eggs!”

Their Instagram purposefully features glazed, crispy and tan buns bloated with soft and runny eggs on top of a perfectly grilled patty and dripping with cheese. The cheese is literally everywhere! There was something too McDonalds-cheeseburger-ad about it, so I headed over to taste this surreal egg sandwich. 

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Egglsut has two shops in London: Fitzrovia and Notting Hill. I choose to grab a bite at Fitzrovia– their newest branch. Originally, the brand is from California with 5 stores across the state and 6 stores abroad in Korea, Japan, UK and Kuwait. 

The journey to their Fitzrovia branch was incredibly fast: taking the train from New Cross Gate, I switched over onto the Jubilee line from Canada Water (as you do to go literally anywhere) and headed to Bond Street onto the Central where I took the Central line for two minutes to Tottenham Court Road. The walk from Tottenham Court Road to Eggslut was five minutes, in a stroll. 

Upon arrival, the branch mimicked the rest– a trail of egg stickers on the ground leading to the entrance of a fairly small space with a large neon sign on the shop, ‘Eggslut’. 

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Walking in I had expected a small, crammed venue with little-to-no seating available, and to my surprise the inside was much larger than what the outside had revealed. The venue is well-planned with a takeaway/fast-food like ordering station where eggs literally fly from the pan to the bun and onto a tray ready to be taken to the customers (they serve your fast-food on a tray here!) The rest of the room featured a spacious stop-and-eat type of seating area at the back beautifully lined with ivy plants hanging down the walls and another neon sign illuminating the shop. For a more relaxed setting, you could head upstairs and take a loungey seat looking out onto Fitzrovia through the massive windows. 

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I can see how this is probably a hipster #1 meeting spot! 

To really take the taste test seriously, I thought it was worth trying their two most popular sandwiches– the Fairfax and Gaucho (and an iced coffee, who has brunch without iced coffee?)

The food took less than 10 minutes to be prepared from scratch and arrived on our table which was surprising for a fancy fast-food restaurant, but not so surprising considering they were pleasantly overstaffed– a nice change from the current environment of overworked staff, and poor-service environments.  

It is worth mentioning that all staff were wearing masks, and all surfaces were wiped when we sat down and that it was easy to maintain social distancing while being inside. (However, there are spaces to eat outside!)

The sandwiches arrived…and they really didn’t lie. Nothing about it was McDonalds-cheeseburger-ad at all! The buns were just as crispy, just as glazed, and just as cheesy as promised– you could even say there was too much in there. 

Image courtesy of author- the Fairfax front , the Gaucho back

The Gaucho was exactly what you would expect– a really great tri-tip steak patty, with a medium fried egg and a few bits of… arugula (the bitter one that is shaped kind of like an alien) under a soft brioche bun.

Image courtesy of author The Gaucho

The Fairfax was…in some aspects too much. All of the ingredients were incredibly fresh and so succulent, and really juicy… but the dripping cheese and the scrambled eggs alongside the smoked bacon all stuffed into a sweet brioche bun were an overindulgent meal. One which I definitely carried with me for the rest of that day. 

Overall, the egg sandwiches tasted exactly the way I imagined them to taste. The Gaucho one may be a little bit better than expected. They are indulgent, comforting yet classic. It’s a meal for an occasion, I’d say. 

Eggslut absolutely takes the boring persona of an egg, and gives them a makeover. Kind of like the Princess Diaries but imagine egg instead of princess. 

Might be worth mentioning that Eggslut UK offers a 10% discount to students if they show a valid student ID card. So, if you’re looking for a good day out with your flatmates, here’s a really great idea, plus makes for a fun day out if you head over to Central later on in the day! 

A Covid-19 note from Eggslut: 

The new restaurant in Fitzrovia opened in July and is adhering to social distancing and government guidelines. The restaurant is open for dine-in customers, has a front terrace and plenty of indoor seating. Social distancing measures include cashless payment, a one-way walking system and the installation of plastic screens at tills. One-metre distances apply between all customers, whilst staff all wear plastic gloves and masks. 

To manage and operate the new Fitzrovia site, eggslut has hired hospitality workers who were made redundant as a result of COVID-19.