Students outraged after 29 tonnes of carrots dumped on goldsmiths campus

29 Tonnes of carrots outside Ben Piimlot

A Goldsmiths student doing a Masters in Fine Art dumped 29 tonnes of carrots outside of Ben Pimlott building for a final project exhibition, sparking outrage in students who don’t believe he will ethically remove these carrots as he claims he will.

CREDIT: Rafael Pérez Evans –

There have even been memes created about it by the SU President themself, Lauren Corelli.

Leading the charge is the protest group @goldsmithscarrots– an Instagram page dedicated to making food out of these carrots and giving the money raised from selling them to local food banks.

The page is run by Nancy Violet Jolene, Lily Fonzo, Roo Gehring and Yasmin Metcalfe – a group of concerned students who don’t believe the large number of carrots will be dealt with ethically. So far, the group and other volunteers have raised over £1000 selling carrot spicy carrot soup and vegan carrot cakes.

Metcalfe (@theluckyartist_) said: “According to the artist, these carrots which are supposedly ‘surplus’ and will be fed to ‘animals’ – we invite you to question what you have been told in regards to art. [That] these justifications are not only surface level? There [is] no proof these claims are true! We heard from a member of the department that the artist stated this was the case just to get approval from the college – @theluckyartist_”

Despite the controversy, Rafael Pérez Evans, the artist, holds firm that these carrots will be used ethically when the exhibition is over. 

In a statement about the art, he said: “The full 29 tonnes of vegetables will be collected after the exhibition and sent to feed animals.”

The purpose of Pérez Evans’ art piece seems to be bringing light to the unwanted and ugly foods that don’t make it into stores.

Pérez Evans said: “Dumping is a form of protest, regularly used by European farmers that react against a central government which devalues their labour, agency and produce to points of ridiculousness.

“Dumping protests bring blinded city people into an alarming contact with their forgotten foods and its production.”

Goldsmiths permitted Pérez Evans to dump the carrots on campus under the condition the carrots be removed at the end of the exhibition and donated to farm animals.

PHOTO CREDIT: @goldsmithscarrots – Nancy Violet Jolene, Lily Fonzo, Roo Gehring, Yasmin Metcalfe