Former Conservative MP criticised by SU president for taking on A teaching position at Goldsmiths

Dominic Grieve, a former conservative politician, will teach law at Goldsmiths starting this October.

Grieve, a former barrister and cabinet member, has been given the role of visiting professorship at Goldsmiths in an unpaid position starting in October 2020. According to, this is generally a role taken on to gain teaching experience.

Grieve is best known for his political career as a conservative rebel. Throughout the years he has voted in favour of raising undergraduate tuition fees, banning the education of homosexuality in schools, and against measures to prevent climate change.

Last year, Grieve was sacked from his position as an MP after refusing to back Boris Johnson’s no-deal Brexit. He then lost his MP seat at Beaconsfield Joy Morrissey, the current conservative MP,  after trying to run independently despite the liberal democrats standing down for him.

The student union’s former Education Officer and current President, Lauren Corelli has hit Lauren Corelli, the student union’s former education officer and current President, has criticised Goldsmiths on Facebook for the hiring of Grieve.

She said: “Students already spend so much energy, so muchhhhh timeeeeee having to prove and uncover that particular lecturers and staff members are discriminatory, that they make their time at university a hostile one – here we literally have the receipts on record of a person who is hostile to multiple experiences of oppression and marginalisation. 

“What does that even say to everyone who breaks their backs, has broken down, exhausted themselves to try and uncover this bullshit and make goldsmiths a less hostile, more equitable place? It literally spits in all of our faces – you can see what this person thinks in the way they have voted and you’re still happy to give him the money that we pay in!!!!!!!!”

Goldsmiths later updated their announcement to say it was an unpaid role.

Dominic Grieves
Source: Foreign and Common Wealth Office: Flickr

Frances Corner, warden of Goldsmiths, University of London has welcomed a less liberal view.

She said: “It is a tribute to our vibrant new Law programme that it has attracted a figure of the stature of former Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC and I look forward to welcoming him to the College.

“At Goldsmiths we are committed to providing our students with a creative and critical education, and challenging them with ideas and perspectives they may not have encountered before. Universities cannot be monocultures of thought and the next generation of legal minds must not be afraid to debate all sides of the pressing issues facing civil society in the UK and around the world.”

Corelli strongly disagreed with Goldsmiths’ warden, calling some of the policies he’s voted for to be “disgraceful”.

Corelli said: “The warden of goldsmiths, frances corner, feels ‘the next generation of legal minds must not be afraid to debate all sides’. call me crazy but last I heard you are able to debate and be critically engaged without directly employing someone who has been concretely oppressive. “

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