Goldsmiths BAME students furious over ‘performative’ #blackouttuesday tweet

Students express outrage at Goldsmiths #blackouttuesday tweet on Tuesday calling it ‘complicit and performative’. 

Goldsmiths University is called out by BAME students for hypocrisy after the university threatened anti-racist protestors with court order last year. 

Lauren Corelli, incoming president of Goldsmiths student’s union, in a tweet said: “You took black & brown students to court for protesting racism within the last year & you have the indecency & disrespect to say you stand shoulder-to-shoulder.”

#blackouttuesday began after celebrities, corporations, music labels and sports stars vowed to pause posting on their accounts in memory of Geoge Floyd and to allow for useful information to reach protestors on the ground. Instead, blank black canvas were posted with the hashtag #blackouttuesday.

Demonstrations broke out in the US early last week, taking hold across the UK on June 1 as influencers and activists took to the UK parliament demanding the condemnation of US military action on their protestors. 

The tweet was followed up by an update from the university informing the students that the Warden has written to the US Ambassador and UK politicians expressing her condemnation for the ‘ensuing treatment of the protestors’.

Goldsmiths has been contacted for a comment. A response is still being awaited. 

Corelli added: “We don’t need this performative nonsense at the best of times, let alone from Goldsmiths, University of London. this is not an institution ‘condemning racism in all its forms’. It is a sickening joke. The fact that someone hit send on this tweet and thought it’d probably go down well says everything you need to know.”